Meaningful and Authentic Learning

In addition to engaging instruction in the core subjects, every day at Explore includes a block of project-based learning we call Explorations. Our project-based learning approach engages children’s natural love for learning and develops essential critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills. Through Explorations, students will apply academic concepts in real life, integrating art, music, technology, and community service as they imagine and create works of beauty and worth. Following a rigorous cycle of feedback and revision, students will participate in an exhibition of their work to an authentic audience, nurturing their self-expression as readers, authors, mathematicians, scientists, and artists. Learn more about project-based learning here.


A Culture of Excellence, Joy, and Love

Explore students will achieve the highest levels of academic success in a rigorous and supportive environment. In order for students to work hard, take risks, and realize their potential for excellence they must know that they are known, supported, and cared for. Every staff member at Explore is trained in utilizing Responsive Classroom, integrated social and emotional development, and mindfulness to create a K-8 environment in which each unique student is valued and loved.

We also believe that teaching and learning should be fun for students, staff, and families. Research shows that play is essential for developing creativity and interpersonal skills and also results in higher academic achievement. At Explore, students will have recess and P.E. everyday and will be encouraged to cultivate their curiosity and investigate their passions in the classroom. One measure of our success will be how much joy and laughter is evident in our classrooms as we grow and learn together. Learn more about our inspiration here.


Collaboration with Families and the Community

We respect all parents as their child’s first teacher and seek to learn from and with families as we collaborate for student success. We know that we cannot achieve our ambitious goals alone and will build a thriving school community, purposefully connecting students and families to resources and to each other. We celebrate diversity as strength and actively seek to learn, understand, and integrate the unique histories and perspectives of our students and families into our school community.