Where will the school be located?

Explore will open at 217 S. 10th St, at the corner of S. 10th and Fatherland in East Nashville. We will be able to operate at this facility for two years before outgrowing it and moving to our permanent home. At this time, the permanent facility has not been identified but we are committed to staying in location that is convenient for our families to attend.

How long is the school day?

Our day lasts from 8:00 – 3:45. For more information, see A Day at School.

Will transportation be provided?

Yes, we will provide bus transportation with specific routes to be determined.

What is your uniform policy?

Research does not demonstrate significant positive impacts of uniforms on academic achievement nor school culture. As a school that celebrates uniqueness and encourages creative self-expression, uniformity contradicts our design and vision. Following close consultation with our community members, we have decided to adopt a common sense dress code but not uniforms.

Describe your approach to discipline.

We believe that school should be joyful; a safe productive learning environment must be protected at all costs; it’s ok to make mistakes and consequences for those mistakes should not be punitive but should provide learning opportunities for all. Our approach is built upon Restorative Practices, Responsive Classroom, and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. Basically, Responsive Classroom helps create the environment for positive behaviors, PBIS reinforces those behaviors, and Restorative Practices address misbehavior in a productive way that restores any breaches to the community.

What about breakfast and lunch?




How do I enroll my child?