Our Mission and Vision


The mission of Explore! Community School is to foster the independence, critical thinking, and creativity of a diverse community of learners so they are fully prepared to become confident, responsible leaders who change the world.


Explore! Community School provides a challenging education in a joyful and supportive environment. Daily, students engage in meaningful project-based learning that ensures they master core academic content while developing the character and social skills that will equip them to become innovative leaders. Led by an extraordinary group of loving and supportive teachers, Explore! Students are demonstrating the highest levels of academic achievement, character growth, confidence, creativity, and care for themselves and their community. Every day at Explore!, we  work to embrace the diversity that surrounds us and grow together through curiosity, reflection, and collaboration to ensure our students are known, supported, healthy, happy, challenged, and fully prepared for college and beyond.

“What if community members went to school with a mission – not just to get smart – but to become better people? School could be a place of compassion & courage, and hope.”

Ameerah Rollins (Student, Polaris)


We expect our students to do more than simply come to school, they will Rise Up and grow into their best selves, lifting with them the surrounding Nashville Community.